Dining with your hosts

By reservation only.


We offer a family-style meal available only to our guests, to whom we serve a gourmet meal around our table, in a convivial and warm environment.

Your reserving in advance allows us to produce a dinner from fresh products. We rely on local producers, organic farming, and fair trade, for seafood as well as for meat and produce. Vegetables in large part come from our own garden, and we round out the menu when necessary with the produce of local organic farmers and the Biocoop of Pont L'Abbé, including drinks such as wine and cider.

Each meal includes a first course, a main course, and a dessert. Wine, coffee, tea, or herbal tea are included.

In the heart of the Bigouden country, obviously we make crêpes and kig ha farz (a special kind of stew). But we also cook dishes from Greece and elsewhere. Some of our favorites that you may find yourself eating include but are certainly not limited to :

  • sauerkraut of the sea, tagine of fish, Greek-style squid, salmon in orange sauce
  • stir-fry of heirloom vegetables, three-cabbage stew with chestnuts, green lasagna with feta, various vegetable soufflés, quiches and clafoutis, moussaka with eggplant

And for dessert, we are big fans! We like ALL desserts, especially those that are fruity and light :

  • Breton custard-cake with prunes, fruit mousses, crumble, clafoutis, tarts
  • warm chocolate cake, custard sauce...

We can also offer delicious vegetarian meals to those who prefer them, using a variety of grains and vegetables as well as a wide range of condiments, spices, and herbs from our garden.

A welcome cocktail (a Breton kir) will be served from 7:00 to 7:30 P.M. on the day of your arrival, followed by dinner.



Dining with your hosts : 25 € - from cocktail to coffee, drinks included.
Children from 3-12 years : 13 €

Picnic basket, reserved the night before : 11€

In keeping with our philosophy of sound ecology, we use organic cleaning products and separate our garbage for recycling or our own compost heap, next to the vegetable garden.